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( Philips 42" screen) The sound isn’t all that good on the t v anyway! I had to get an extension cord that extends to connecting to the speaker port on my computer. They aren’t top of the line speakers by any means but definitely better than what the t v has. The built in speakers on laptops aren’t good at all, so the set of speakers I use for the t v hook up I already had. I listen to music and stream radio stations, so I wanted to have good sound for using my computers that way.

i’d say AirPlay is a lame system that needs a lots of tweaking to fix this problem. as it happens with my macbook pro, it continues selecting the airplay enabled device. There are various reasons as to why audio or sound function is not working on your Dell Inspiron laptop. It’s possible that the integrated speakers aren’t selected or muted, the headphone jack is not working, audio driver or sound card gets corrupted, or the Windows system is glitching. Sometimes the problem is only isolated to a computer program like a Media Player, which is not configured properly.

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to fix this problem you would have to look into another issue called AirPlay. if you have a wireless network installed in your home theater system, then the AirPlay will automatically connect to the wireless audio network. Every time i start my macbook pro the AirPlay automatically selects Denon AVR-5200. this is why you see blanked speaker icon and no sound emits.

The sound is an important factor for many users and most of the laptop users use their laptop speakers regularly so if the sound issue happens in laptop users finds it frustrating. If the issue appears while using speakers or headphones, the problem is most likely related to your audio settings or drivers.

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In worst cases, your laptop may not be able to make any sound due to a damaged component like defective speakers. Should a faulty hardware is to blame, your only hope is for a Dell technician to fix the damage. This means the need for you to take your laptop to a service center for hardware assessment and repair.

But before you rush to a service center, you can still try some workarounds and attempt to troubleshoot the problem on your end. Should the problem https://quicktime.downloadsdb.com/ you’re dealing with is actually software-related instead of hardware damage, any of the standard solutions will likely get it fixed. Read on and find out what options you may have to try on first. But instead of getting frustrated which seems to go along with technology, I bought an extra set of external speakers.

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If it doesn’t, check for an updated driver on the computer or sound card manufacturer’s website or through Windows Update. Apart from the internal speakers, some Windows users complain that the sound stopped working on laptop’s connected speakers. In this case, you can go to the Device Manager on your Windows and expand the Network Adapters section. Now, just select the essential Bluetooth and WiFi drivers so that you can update them to the latest stable version. There are various reasons for non-working sounds in windows like faulty drivers, hardware issues or sometimes windows error.

Nay, this problem is not related to the selection of an internal or external output device. although mine always selected the internal speakers by default, it still mutes the internal speakers.